Planning your No Fly holiday

The secret of a happy holiday is in the planning...

Planning and booking a no fly holidayPlanning a no fly holiday is really easy.You don't need a travel agent. It isn't difficult. The rise of the internet means that planning your holiday online is just a simple case of browsing, choosing and booking.

The first thing that you need to decide is where you want to go, followed by choosing the type of holiday that suits you and your family. The options are huge, so the fact that you or one of your party do not wish to fly is no obstacle. Different people are looking for a different type of holiday and sometimes, especially if your family has a range of age groups, then it has to be a compromise.

The No Fly Holiday Options

A no fly holiday in the UKA Holiday in the UK First of all, are you looking for a stay at home holiday or one further afield? A holiday in the UK can be very relaxing. You have the option of driving yourself and booking a hotel or a cottage online or  joining an organised holiday such as a coach holiday. Both options have their merits - it just depends what appeals to you.

Another option for a holiday within the UK is to catch a train to your chosen destination. Combine this with booking a hotel online or a cottage online and you can have a very relaxed holiday. All you have to do is to get yourself to the station.

Or what about a no fly cruise around the Scottish Lochs? Or a five* star hotel in London?

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A no fly holiday in EuropeA No Fly Holiday in Europe Now your options really open up. You can make a holiday in Europe as simple or as complicated as you wish, there are so many options. A cultural holiday to a big city? A sunshine break by the sea? a Rail Holiday? A self-drive holiday? A no fly cruise that sails from the UK? The options really are endless. The planning is part of the fun and the secret is to make the journey an exciting part of the holiday. With air travel, getting there is usually just a necessary evil, with long grueling delays at the airport and all those security checks. Many people also find other modes of transport to be much 'greener' and less of a strain on the nerves.

A A comfortable coach holiday to France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy or Spaincoach holiday in Europe There are now some excellent coach holidays to most European countries, such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain. The coach will pick you up from a pre-arranged point and whisk you off to the ferry port. After a short crossing, which will probably give you the chance to stretch your legs and have something to eat and drink, you will rejoin your coach and travel into France. Most coach holidays have an overnight stop at a French hotel, before carrying on the next day to your final destination. Some coach holiday companies offer 'express' coaches, especially to the further away destinations such as Italy or Spain. These coachs do not make an overnight stop in France, so they travel through the night direct to the final destination. This may be a mixed blessing for some. You gain an extra day at your holiday hotel, but you have to try to sleep on the coach, which is not always easy.

A self drive holiday in EuropeA self drive holiday to Europe This is the way that many people have a holiday in Europe. You simply book a hotel, book a mobile home, a lodge or even an erected tent at a holiday park and off you go. Ferry crossings are remarkably inexpensive these days and the French roads are much quieter than ours. You don't have to rough it either if you choose camping or a mobile home holiday as many of the tents and mobile homes are quite luxurious. You can even opt for 'glamping' and stay in a luxury lodge or super style mobile home. The advantage of driving yourself is that you are totally free to explore your surroundings and to imerse yourself in the local culture. If you don't fancy a holiday park, why not find a hotel yourself and book online? You can get up to 60% discount by booking online. Why not book two or more hotels and arrange a leisurely touring holiday of your own? This way to can get off the beaten track and explore fascinating villages and quaint restaurants along the way.

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A no fly holiday in Europe by railA rail holiday in Europe Rail holidays are getting increasingly popular and are very easy to plan yourself. Your starting point is St Pancras Station in London. The amazing Eurostar leaves from there and whisks you to Paris in a couple of hours or so. From Paris, you can catch a TGV train to anywhere in France, or beyond. Popular destinations are the South of France and Barcelona in Spain. From 1st May 2018 Eurostar will travel direct from London to Marseille in just over six hours, stopping at Lyon and Avignon on the way. The journey will take only four and a half hours to Lyon and just six hours to Avignon. Lyon is widely regarded as the gastronomic capital of France, while Avignon hosts France's best known theatre festival in July. Even if you fancy a holiday park or mobile home holiday, you can often get there by train. Barcelona is a fantastic city and is one that is well worth exploring. Choose a hotel in Barcelona here.

A No Fly Cruise holiday - a cruise holiday without flyingA no fly cruise to Europe and beyond Many people are put off choosing a cruising holiday because they think that they have to fly. This no longer the case as some cruise holidays depart from Britain. London Tilbury, Bristol and Liverpool are just some of the ports that cruise ships depart from. Modern cruise ships are smooth, stable and luxurious, with comfortable cabins and good food. Some of the holiday operators include coach travel to the port of departure, so once you are on board the coach, you just relax and enjoy the view.

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