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Chris and Steve Porter who own and operate No Fly Holidays The Classic Publishing Company is owned and operated by Steve and Chris Porter who live in the West Midlands. After many years camping and caravanning while the children were small, they can now afford to spread their wings a little. Steve and Chris have tried all kinds of holidays and will try many more. Please let us have your experiences of holidays of all types, to share with the readers of our blog

Steve and Chris are semi-retired and after many years of the day to day grind, now have a little more time to enjoy themselves. That is when they are not looking after their delighful grandchildren of course. Steve loves holidays, but Chris is not so keen, especially if she has to fly anywhere. Chris is not a patient person and finds that the long hours spent in travelling to the airport, waiting to hand in baggage, being searched and questioned, then waiting around for the flight to be called is intensely boring. Even after boarding the aircraft, many more boring hours have to pass before arriving at our destination and she has finally rebelled. Chris wants no-fly holidays. Read why so many of us hate flying

Steve and Chris were chatting over breakfast one Saturday morning when yet another holiday leaflet fell out of the newspaper. 

"Any holidays that don't involve flying", Chris asked, hopefully. Of course, as usual, there were none. (The picture on the right shows Chris and Steve enjoying a holiday in Central France).

This gave Steve the idea of gathering together all the holidays that do not involve flying and listing them all together, on one helpful website. A massive task, as you can imagine. Initially we thought that we would find it hard to track down suitable no fly holidays but there are LOTS to choose from. Holidays of all types, some sure to suit YOU.

We have UK coach holidays, UK hotels, Sunshine Holidays, Adventure Holidays, European Holidays, No-Fly Cruises and much more. While a holiday in the outback of Australia may be a big ask without flying, you will be amazed just how far you can get using other less stressful modes of transport. So if you, your partner or one of your family are not so keen on flying - then THIS is the website for you. Some holidays are self drive, both in the UK and in Europe. Some holidays are by coach and some by ship.

Thanks for visiting. Please let us have your email address and we will keep in touch occasionally with any new no-fly holiday ideas that we find. We will never pester you and you can unsubscibe at any time.

Steve and Chris Porter

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