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Tilley Hats - Essential on any holiday


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A Tilley Hat - Essential on any holiday

A Tilley Hat is the Finest Hat in all the World - Insured against loss and guaranteed for life - Essential on any holiday in any country.

Steve wearing his trusty Tilley Hat - The finest Hat in all the worldA Tilley Hat is the finest hat in the world and an essential holiday item

This is me, wearing my trusty Tilley Hat. My Tilley Hat has been all over the world with me and I would never travel anywhere without it. Tilley hats are made in Canada from an incredibly strong sailcloth-type material, using British machinery. Tilley Hats can be purchased at keen dsicounted prices from Amazon UK

Tilley hats are made for men and women so you can each have one and look extra smart. They wash well on a delicate cycle or by hand (cool water is best) and can then be gently stretched back into shape over my knee when dry.

A Tilley Hat floats and will protect you

Tilley hats float, they tie on if needed (although I think I look silly with the strap under my chin), they repel rain, however heavy it is, they block UV rays, they won't shrink and come with a four page owners manual. There is a hidden pocket in the crown where I keep a £10 note. Then whatever happens, even if I lose my wallet or am robbed, I am never without A Tilley Hat is waterproof, blocks UV rays, Floats, is insured for life and will never wear out (replaced free if it ever does)some cash to get me back to wherever I am staying. For some reason muggers never look under a hat. There is also a space to write your mobile or cell phone number so if your hat gets itself lost, anyone who finds it can contact you. You can then tell them about the hidden £10 and ask them to kindly pop the hat in any envelope and post it back to you. They can then keep the change for their trouble!

Steve wearing his trusty Tilley Hat on a very windly day in ScotlandI haven't lost my hat yet although I have been near. On a recent trip up the Firth of Forth in Scotland I grabbed it at the last minute and then had to tuck the chin strap under one of my chins. The picture shows me sitting on a bench in a ruined abbey on Inchcolm Island. The weather looks calm but a very strong wind was blowing. We got there by boat and that is where I nearly lost my lovely Tilley hat.

Talking of blocking UV rays, I have reached the age when I am going a bit thin on top. Oh how it hurts if I burn my head. I cannot comb my hair for days and grumble about it all the time (so Chris says). The top of my ears also tend to burn and peel and I read recently that skin cancer is a real risk if your burn the top of your ears. My trusty Tilley Hat has saved me on many an occasion and I tend to wear it wherever I go now, even on cloudy days. Suncream and what is left of my hair hair just do not mix in my opinion.

Two Tilley Hats are better than one

I would never be without my Tilley Hat. In fact, I have two. I thought that I had lost one somewhere in the house and ordered another. Naturally, the first one then quickly turned up behind the sofa so I have two. One is the light one shown in the photographs and the other one is green, so I wear the green one in the winter and save the lighter coloured one to wear in the summer. I even wear it in the garden to ensure that I don't burn my head. The wide brim also stops my forehead and nose burning. It keeps the sun off my ears as well. Did you know that the top of the ear is the most likely spot for a man to get skin cancer?

Tilley Hats float, they repel the rain and keep UK rays away. They are washable, wear well, are insured against loss and guaranteed for life. A Tilley hat is replaced FREE if it ever wears out.

See the range of Tilley Hats at Amazon UK - all at discounted prices You will never go on holiday without it ever again I promise! Mine is an LT5B.

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How to measure your Tilley Hat size

Measuring for your Tilley hat size is simple. You can use a tape measure (or a length of string or paper that you will have to hold up to a tape measure or rule) to determine the length. Place the string or tape around your head about 1/8" above your ear, across the mid-forehead, completely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. Basically you need to measure your head exactly where the hat will sit. If your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the next largest size.

Tilley Hat Sizes

Hat Sizing Information: Tilley uses Canadian sizing, which is one size larger than UK sizing. A UK size 7 would be a Canadian size 7 1/8.

For comfort Tilley suggests ordering a size above your usual hat size. If you are a UK size 7, Tilley recommends ordering a Canadian size 7 1/4.

54 - 55cm - your hat size is 6.3/4 / 6.7/8

56cm - 57cm your hat size is 7 or 7.1/8

58 - 59cm - yoyr hat size is 7.1/4 or 7.3/8

60 - 61cm - your hat size is 7.1/2 to 7/5/8

62 - 63cm - your hat size is 7.3/4 or 7.7/8

64 - 65cm your hat size is 8 or 8+

If you already have a hat, you probably know your hat size. Also, if your hat does not fit Amazon will allow you to change it.

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