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Don't forget to buy your Holiday Essentials

Its is all too easy to forget to shop for the essentials that we all need on to take on holiday. Even in the UK, especially in Scotland it is sensible to pack mosquito repellent wipes. We should all carry a certain amount of first aid, especially if we go on holiday with children. After sun is esential, even in the UK. Yes, the sun does sometimes come out on holiday - even in the UK.

No Fly Holidays have teamed up with Amazon to bring you all the essentials that you may need for a happy, safe and healthy holiday. It's easy and much cheaper to shop for everything online from the comfort of home.

Ok, you've chosen your holiday and have researched the area where you are going. You may have looked it all up on the internet and decided on some outings. You will have probably bought some travel guides and maps, but have you got all the essentials for your holiday? | See all Holiday Essentials | See all outdoor clothing | Holiday reading |

You could rush around town the day before you go, buying everything for your holiday, but it is so much easier to be prepared and to buy your holiday essentials online in advance. One less thing to worry about. Many of us holiday in the UK, where there are usualy shops to buy last minute emergency essentials. We can often wear the clothes that we already have, although it is part of the holiday fun to buy something new. If you are going somewhere hot then your choice of clothes, first aid and toiletries may differ.

If you are leaving your car at home then no problem! Your coach driver or holiday company will have it all covered. If however you are going on a self-drive holiday, at home or abroad, then a few motoring essentials are useful. Carry some water with you, just in case. Remember to that you will may driving on the other side of the road so you will need headline deflectors. Emergency warning triangles are useful in this country, but essential in Europe. Travel kitsheadlight deflectors |  Spare bulbs

Even If you are not leaving Britain's shores, then you may want to pack a few cotton dresses or shirts. Polyester can get rather sweaty on a warm day. Men should also think about packing some lightweight cotton trousers for the evenings as well as shorts for the daytime. Think about some long sleeves as well, for the evenings and covering up sunburnt arms and shoulders. Thin socks are essential for men, especially for the evening. Buying holiday clothes online gives you time to try them on and send them back if they do not fit.

Sleepwear. Again, cool cotton is best for humid nights. See sleepwear

Clothing for hiking and camping | Best Clothing SellersWomens Clothing | Mens Clothing | Boys Clothing | Girls Clothing | Clothes for Baby

Most women don't wear high heels on holiday, even if they have packed them. Some good sensible walking shoes will be far Sturdey walking shoes or walking boots are essential on most holidaysmore use, as well as a pair of sturdy trainers. If you are going on an outdoors holiday, some sturdy boots will also be very useful. Buying shoes and boots online well in advance will give you time to try them on at home when your feet are cool and unswollen. This gives you time to send them back if they do not fit.
Attractive and comfortable casual shoes are good for the evenings, when you may be relaxing in the bar. Flip flops are useful around the pool and casual canvas shoes for men look good in the evening. Shoes | Walking Boots | Umbrellas |

If you will be away more than a couple of days, take two sets of swimwear. It sounds obvious, but one can be drying while the other is used. If you are going in a hotel, most do not allow towels to be taken to the pool or the beach, so a brightly coloured beach towel or two will be useful. Buy online so that you can return if the style or fit is unsuitable. See Swimwear

Sunglasses are essential in any bright light. Even in the UK, a few days of bright sunshine can leave your eyes looking tired and dry. Another problem with bright sunshire is that we tend to screw our eyes up to counteract it, causes wrinkles to appear. See sunglasses

A sunhat is another holiday essential. Ladies hair can soon go dry and us men may have a thin patch that burns easily. A Tilley Hat is waterproof, sunproof, it floats and it is guaranteedOuch! Buy a hat rather than complaining afterwards everytime you comb your hair (like I do). Personally, I own a Tilley Hat, a wonderful product that is made in Canada and will last a lifetime. They are not cheap but are well worth the money. Tilley hats are guaranteed against loss, they float, they have a pocket inside to hold some emergency cash and they even have a name and address label so that a lost hat can be returned to you. Apart from that, they look incredibly smart and stylish. I love my Tilley hat. | See Tilley Hats | See sunhats

Jewellery. Don't take expensive jewellery away on holiday. It will eaither spend all day locked in the safe or you will spend time worrying that it will be lost. Just take what you normally wear day to day with a pair of smart earrings for the evenings

A lightweight suitcase on wheels can make your holiday so much more enjoyableSuitcases can soon get damaged over the years and start to look shabby. Isn't time you treated yourself to a new lightweight suitcase or two?
Beach bags are another holiday essential if you are going to the seaside. A simple bag with room for suncream, tissues, wipes and a good book is a good idea.
The ladies may like to take a simple clutch bag for the evenings. A cross-body bag is a good idea if you will be going sight-seeing so that you can keep your phone, your money and your debit/credit cards secure.

| Suitcases & Travel Bags | Best Luggage Sellers | Umbrellas | Backpacks | Handbags & Shoulder Bags |

Suncream is essential, even in the UK. A bright red face and burnt shoulders are not attractive. Nor are wrinkles caused by the sun. After sun - even if the sun does not shine as much as you hope, at least you will be prepared. See suncreams
Shower gel - some hotels supply this but you may prefer to take your usual brand in a smaller container.
Deodorant - sorry to be indelicate, but hot and humid climates require a good deodorant. Always have a spare as your own favourite brand may not be available on holiday. See deodorants
First aid - especially if you have children, a simple first aid kit is essential. Make sure that you have headache tablets, indigestion tablets, plasters, antihistamine cream and perhaps Imodium if you are going abroad. See first aid kits
Toothbrush and toothpaste. Is it time to buy a new toothbrush or new brushes for your electric toothbrush?
Shampoo and conditioner - go for a deep nourishing one to combat all that sun and sea salt.
Hair brush - this is the one item that many people forget. Perhaps it is time to buy a spare?
Lip balm - the sea breezes and sunshine tend to dry out lips quite quickly. | See Toiletries |

No need to take your usual full makeup bag. Makeup will just melt or wash off if you are going somewhere with a pool. Narrow it down to your essentials and what you'll need for the evening. A waterproof mascara, concealer and a highlighter to show off that tan are all you really need. Also decant your perfume into a travel size atomiser. See makeup

A charger for your phone and camera, plus a travel adaptor are a must. A small portable charger is always a good idea for those long days when you are away from power and want to take lots of photographs. They are inexpensive and compact. Phone Powerbanks |

A digital camera can capture those holiday memories perfectlyMake sure that you have plenty of memory on your phone and camera. Remember to download any existing images to your computer or cloud account before you go, then clear the memory card to give you lots of storage space.
Although many of us now rely on our smartphone to take photographs, taking a proper digital camera with you can make it so much easier to record those once-in-a-lifetime holiday memories. Modern digital cameras are tiny so you can always have it with you. Taking pictures is fun, especially on holiday and taking a proper camera with you means that the kids can take some of you, as well as selfies to show their friends when they return. |  Digital Cameras |

Passport – make sure this is still IN DATE! If not, it takes up to three weeks to renew your passport or up to six weeks to get your first one. Renew your passport or apply here  Also, make sure that you've got all your visa details if one is needed.

Travel insurance – some people risk going without travel insurance. DON'T!  Choose your travel insurance here Travel insurance is vital as problems can arise on any holiday, at home or abroad. If you are taken ill or have an accident, you or a member of your family will want to be able to get treated and brought home as soon as possible. A friend of mine died in South America which cost the family £6000 as he did not have travel insurance.

Cash - take enough sterling to cover food and drink on your journey both ways. See cash exchange rates Make sure that you have enough Euros for food and drink on the other side of the channel if you are travelling into Europe. You will also need Euros for drinks and snacks while you are away, as well as for any presents that you want to buy. You make even let your hair down and have an ice cream!  Cash cards are also useful if you don't want to take large amounts of cash. See the top ten cash cards Keep some emergency cash with you at all times, hidden inside your hat or in a separate pocket. This way, you will never be stuck. It is also a good idea to keep a credit card in a safe place when in a big city, even in Britain. I sometimes keep my card in my shoes where thieves do not think to look.

Your hotel / cottage / camp site / holiday park address details printed out. Do not rely on keeping this on your smartphone, just in case you battery fails. Put the postcode into your satnav if you are driving so that you cannot leave it at home. If you have not got a modern satnav then consider buying one, especially if you are travelling to an unfamiliar area or into Europe.

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